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The Museum of Ancient Arts

The museum is situated in an 18th century patrician house (a listed monument belonging to the province of Namur). It presents the Namur Archaeological Society medieval and renaissance collections (paintings, sculptures, silver, glass-in-lead, embroideries,…). The museum organises each year one or two extra temporary exhibitions and produces numerous publications.
Closed on 24, 25, 31/12 and 01/01.
Only the rooms for temporary exhibitions are accessible to handicapped persons.
Guided tours on prior request.

The Strawberry museum

Strawberry season in Belgium is a big deal, particularly in the town of Wépion, near Dinant in the Wallonia region. Wépion’s berries are known throughout the country, as the best strawberry, and their arrival on store shelves is eagerly anticipated.

In fact, the town loves its red berries so much, they have their own museum, the Musée de la Fraise, or Strawberry Museum.
This tiny museum tells the history of strawberry growing and production in this region and explains its importance to the economy and culture of Wépion.
The museum also boasts a small shop of strawberry products (pictured here) including: jams, candies, liqueur and, of course, strawberry beer (It is Belgium after all).

In the summer, there are also guided tours of the 35 acre “Jardin des Petits Fruits,” a garden of local and exotic fruits. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a taste.
Don’t forget to stop at one of the town’s many strawberry stands to taste these local legends for yourself.

The Namur Archaeological Museum
The Namur Archaeological Museum features items from prehistory, the Roman era, and the Merovingian era. Most of the artifacts and documents were unearthed or prepared by the Socit Archologique de Namur. The Museum is located in a historic rennaisance building, the Halle al Chair, on the banks of the Sambre River.
A prize posession of the Museum is the scale model of Namur created by the French military engineer Larcher d’ Aubancourt in 1747.

Felicien Rops Museum

African Museum of Namur

The Museum of Ancient Arts

The Strawberry Museum

The Computer Museum

The Namur Archaeological Museum


The Fort of Emines
The Fort of Emines, a memorial site in the province of Namur, re-opened on the occasion of the centenary commemorations of the First World War.

Situated 5 kilometres from Namur, between the villages of Emines and Saint-Marc, the Fort of Emines is excellently preserved and remains for the most part, unaltered since 1914. The Fort is part of the Fortified Position of Namur, which has preserved many traces of its military past. In total, 9 forts are concealed in the wooded mountains around Namur.

Triangular in shape and designed by General Hénri Alexis Brialmont, the Fort of Emines was built between 1888 and 1892 and today still presents an outer wall that has remained in excellent condition.
Guided tours, specifically organised as part of the First World War commemorations, enable visitors to really embrace this impressive site.

The Saint-Aubain Cathedral
This baroque cathedral was built between 1751 and 1767 based on a design of Gaetino Pizzoni. This building replaced the previous cathedral, of which a 13th century tower still exists. The curved front is decorated with 20 Corinthian columns and is crowned by 5 statues. The original plan also included 2 towers. The crossing carries a large dome. The classicist side-façades contrast with the rich front. The interior contains some remarkable pieces of art, such as paintings of Antoon van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens and Nicolaï (a student of Rubens’). There is also an old baptismal font.

The Fort of Emines

Namur Citadel

The Saint-Aubain Cathedral